Life at This Point…

Hi, Everyone!

Summer 17′

Graduate school is finally coming to a close! [12-16-17]

I am still in the process of completing my 600-hour internship, and so far it has been going well. If anyone told you that being successful is a walk in the park, they are not successful. Success for me has been challenging but rewarding. I have been through many changes throughout my graduate school journey, but I can honestly say that I chose the right career. Summer semester was one of the hardest semesters (I almost failed a class…close call) in my graduate program. It put me in such a stressful state that I had to take a long break to mentally recover.


I bounced and did not break! 🙂 After the mental break, I studied hard and passed my School Counseling boards! (I’m almost legit now lol).

High School Life as a School Counseling Intern: Northside High School


The kids that I encounter on a daily basis teach me things about life that I did not pay attention to when I was their age. What I have found is that as I assist students in the areas of academic, social/emotional, career development and just with life, they help me also. I have learned many things about who I am as an individual, as a mother, and as an educator that I was not aware of prior to my internship experience. It warms my heart knowing the impact that I have made on students from different multicultural backgrounds. We are all different in some way, whether by race, culture, gender, orientation, etc. but we share the same commonality, which is a desire to make our mark in this world.

Thanks Auburn! 

I encourage students to develop a growth mindset by helping them learn how to accept mistakes, help them understand that sometimes failure is an opportunity for growth, help them to defy stereotypes and support them in being lifelong learners. I inherited the mindset that every student is valuable to me, no matter where they come from and I will make sure they know that.

Personal Life

Next month I will be 30! (ahhhh!)

I’m excited though because I am blessed, healthy, I have a loving immediate family and a few good friends.

Life is starting to get better and I am excited for what the future holds for me and my little family. God has truly been good to me and he has given me so much favor. He’s opened doors for me and has put me in the presence of many people who have helped support me in this field. Sometimes I feel that I don’t deserve all of this favor but then I have to stop myself from complaining and just tell God “Thank You.” Each time that I fall or fail him, he picks me up and forgives. Listen to me when I say, God can use anyone. He used me. I wouldn’t have imagined my life this way, having endured the things that I have endured in my short lifespan. He can bless you just as he blesses others, he is forgiving and will always be there when you feel as if no one else is. That is just my testimony for my experiences and journey in this life. I will be able to share more when graduation is close! Excited, Excited, Excited!


I hope that everyone is doing well!

With Love,