Never Lose Your Spark

Just felt inspired to write today.

First of all, I hope that you all had a good week!

Sometimes in my life, I feel that I am just going through the motions. I work hard and with everything that I do, I do it from the heart-whether it is marriage, friendships, work ethic, school, mothering, etc. However, sometimes when I feel that I am great at those things, little things make me feel like a failure.

I realize that even the greatest people have moments that they feel they aren’t great. So how do I get through those moments? Well, today I reached that ah-ha point. In life when things get difficult, you have to pick yourself up, look in the mirror and tell yourself “It’s just a bad day. This is not the end.” When I am faced with the fear of failure or the idea of not doing my best at the things I value or love, I reach deep down and find a thought or a moment that reminds me of the happiest times involved with those obligations. After doing that my spark ignites again.

I say these things to say, we are not perfect because we are human. The idea of failure is scary but is unavoidable, so do not be fearful of it. Failure or mistakes are an opportunity to grow. It’s a reminder that there is room for improvement and sometimes it’s a sign that you are moving towards something greater. When we think of past mishaps, failures, mistakes, etc. we have to let it go. When your mind is fixated on the past or negativity, it blinds you of the endless possibilities of the future. It’s time to turn your back on things that kill your joy, so… pick yourself and move forward. 🙂

That was my catharsis for the day.

With Love,